An architectural picture is all that made me fall in love with photography.


We develop brochures, calendars and industrial catalogs with full creativity and innovation. For each customer company we work with a striking originality and spirit of unity represented by our peculiar working teams.


Excite and write sensations through the light. Any form of art is an expression of a mood to eternalize. Documentation of painting, sculpture and installations are only the starting point for a more detailed search.


There is a very thin thread between the fabric and photography, from patchwork to the image itself. A perfect union, the harmony of colors and textures that speaks for itself to achieve documentation of the fascinating textile industry.


Transparency through houses and buildings, rationalism. The life of people and the environment that surrounds them. Architecture as secret pivot on which my whole conception of photography is based. Love at first sight.


The space is not only purity but is also the construction of elements for human life. From the idea to study and finally to the creation. The object is in photographic details and harmonic light as a human mind artistic expression.


Capture a moment of life, a special, unique and unrepeatable occasion. The evening's approach creates amazing harmonies, an uproar of colors and sensations. That's the perfect moment.

Recent Works

Here are some of latest projects.


Works that have been shown in exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Impressioni spagnole

Colors and shapes of great architecture in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

Nobody in Berlin

Contrasts between East and West Berlin with an operation of reducing the image to its purest elements.

Unter den linden

The soft, light the sky of Berlin in the darkness of the underground station.

Luce negli occhi

Sometimes it is overwhelmed by a blinding sun that makes us become aware of the reality around.

Blu sospesi

Literature and photography come together in a symphony of infinite blue.

Punto di rosa

Pompei, the material, the charm of the old walls and the charm of history.


Do not hesitate to ask for a quote for your photographic needs.


Via Brambilla 29, 22100 Como (ITALY)

Mobile: +39 328 2180408


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